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If there are two things every stylish woman holds in her wardrobe, it’s ankle boots, and jeans. While these two items are a staple mix and match to a multidimensional wardrobe, for many, styling ankle boots with jeans isn’t always an easy task. For one, what do you do if your jeans are too long? Do you tuck the jeans inside or outside the boot? When do you cuff? And more to the point, how do you cuff? If these are questions that run through your mind as you’re trying to work this iconic look, don’t stress. Here at Rieker, we’re on hand to provide all the answers you need. Taking the jeans you’ve got in your wardrobe, we’ll take you through how to wear ankle boots with jeans, exploring each style in great detail.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are a popular choice when it comes to choosing denim. They can be paired with both day and evening wear, while their skin-tight feature shows off silhouettes just perfectly. When it comes to how to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans, there’s an assumption we need to squash. The misconception is that you should push the hem of your skinny jeans down the top of your boots. While that may work for over the knee or knee-high boots fine, when it comes to ankle boots, the hem of your jeans can become untucked when you sit down or walk around. This just causes inconvenience for you, as you spend your day constantly readjusting.

What you want to achieve is a skinny jean and boot combo that allows the hem of your jeans to gently graze the top of the boot, don’t worry if you’re showing a bit of skin, it’s a look.

Right, sounds great, but my jeans are too long? If your jeans are too long to achieve this grazed look, you need to cuff your jeans.

Cuff your jeans so that the hem is at the top of your booties when you’re standing still. You can do this with slim leg jeans and slim boyfriend jeans too. We would recommend a small cuff, about a half or three-quarters of an inch, but if you prefer, or require, a thicker cuff, will still work. Remember, if you’re swapping and changing between ankle boots, you will need to adjust the cuff of your jeans to suit.

Ankle boots with jeans: Straight leg jeans

lace up ankle boots

The appearance of straight legs jeans can alter from brand to brand. In one clothing store, a straight leg jean is a skinny jean that doesn’t hug your ankle tight, while others will display a straight leg jean as a jean with consistent leg width down, from hip to knee, to hem.

To determine the style of straight leg jeans you own, a trick is to fold your bottom hem up to the knee. If it’s narrower, it’s a slim or skinny style. Wider, then it’s edging towards a boot cut. When it comes to ankle booties with jeans with a straight leg, for those with a slim style, follow the guidelines in place for a skinny jean. Those with a wider leg, check out the tips below for bootcut and flare jeans.

Ankle boots with jeans: Bootcut and flare jeans

When it comes to styling bootcut and flare jeans with your ankle boots, there shouldn’t be a cuff in sight. Wider leg openings need to be worn longer, so the shaft of your bootie needs to go under the leg of the jeans rather than over. When choosing ankle boots to style with these jeans, opt for a boot that hugs closely to your ankles. Sock or pull on booties make great choices. This is so the hem of your jeans doesn’t get caught or start tucking into the shaft of your boots as you walk.

The hem of your flared jeans should touch the top of your boot, near your toes, and the back hem should be at least midway down the heel. However, they shouldn’t be so long they’re trailing on the floor, or you should have bunched up denim at your ankles.

Ankle boots with jeans: Cropped jeans

ankle boots with cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are totally on-trend, and that’s not just during the lighter weather months. Now, cropped jeans can be showcased all-year-round with a bit of clever styling. Ideally, when it comes to styling cropped jeans with ankle boots, you want the shaft to slide up under the jeans. However, as cropped jeans vary in length, depending on the brand and style, this might not always be possible, so it’s okay if a little bit of skin shows. What you do need to watch out for is showing too much skin, if you’re showing over an inch the jeans are probably too short to be wearing with ankle boots. Again, ankle boots that are snug to your ankle work best with cropped jeans, to minimise the chances of your jean hem getting stuck as you walk.

Ankle boot with jeans

ankle boots

Ankle boots with jeans are a combination that always works. They can be dressed down with a relaxed t-shirt or sweater or dressed up with a blazer or blouse. Whichever style of jeans you choose, life feels better in comfortable shoes. Here at Rieker, our women’s shoes boast the perfect mix of both style, and functionality, so you can wear your favourite ankle boots, season after season, completely pain-free. We infuse personality into every design, so you’re sure to find ladies’ ankle boots to suit you, in this stand out range. Whether you prefer bold and colourful, or classic and sleek, there’s a lace or pull on alternative to choose from. These contemporary styles can be worn day after day, blended with both casual and formal outfits effortlessly. As well as undeniable style, Rieker’s anti-stress boot soles can be found in all Rieker ladies’ ankle boots. They give you incredible comfort and foot support for hours on end, while the slip-on fit means they are easy to pull on and off when you’re getting ready in a rush. A great everyday choice for a busy woman.